Idealis Concept, your go to partner for ensuring success in every renovation or new construction project

Our motto… « Keep calm and renovate with us » ... Call us!

Idealis Concept, a genuine added value for both private individuals and companies of all sizes...

Professional oversight specialised in managing building and renovation projects of varying sizes and complexity. We supervise your project from beginning to end while leveraging our vast network of partners to deliver high quality results.

We help develop the design concepts, budget, zoning permits, project plans and management of contractors. We are trilingual (French, English, Dutch) and active throughout Belgium.

A dynamic team at your service

Idealis Concept’s greatest strength is our dynamic and experienced team.

The two of us – Caroline and Thérèse – accompany you in the execution of your project. We have over ten years of experience in the field of renovation and numerous projects to our credit. For us, the preparation phase is absolutely key, because it allows us to carefully define the project, discuss your objectives, the materials, the budget and the planning; so the entire project is perfectly aligned long before work even begins. We remain at your side through all phases with the sole objective of ensuring the success of your project.